Amanda Ryder


Jared Gilpin

Amanda Ryder and Jared Gilpin

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Our Love Story

Amanda and Jared met at the housewarming party of two close friends, Kathryn Barker and James Gaughan. They immediately hit it off and it didn't take long for Jared to ask Amanda out to dinner. The date for their first date arrived; however, fate and a migraine had different plans. After an attempt to nap off a headache turned into sleeping through several alarms, Jared created the story he will never live down - he stood her up. Luckily, chance brought them together again at Kathryn's birthday. They were inseparable all evening and Jared asked Amanda out to dinner once more. This time, the stars aligned and both made it to a dinner that neither one slept through. Three years later, they will join together in marriage and celebrate a lifetime of joy and Amanda holding the story of their first attempted date over Jared's head.
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